EPC Services

As an EPC service provider in the solar sector, we carry out the plant design, purchasing and construction of your solar power plant.

As an EPC service provider, we design the plant (Engineering), purchase components and services (Procurement) and construct the power plant (Construction) including the infrastructure. Our engineers customise each power plant to perfectly suit the conditions onsite. We provide you with most high-quality components and assist you in any questions regarding financing with our experience from more than 1,800 successful solar projects worldwide. Furthermore, we monitor the operation of your finalised solar power plant.

Our greatest area of expertise is in solar plants in utility-scale with a capacity of over one megawatt. Industrial companies as well as investment firms and energy suppliers can profit from our experience. Moreover, we can reliably provide energy for mining companies or agricultural businesses with our off-grid solutions.

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An overview of our worldwide solar energy projects.

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