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Sunny prospects with solar power plants

Benefit from the enormous potential of solar energy. And rely on JUWI's competence and experience with PV project development - from planning to grid-connection.
Why solar energy

Climate-friendly, nature-compatible, economic

The environment, property owners, communities, electricity consumers and investors alike benefit from a solar farm.

Solar energy offers enormous potential for the electricity supply globally. It is an insurance against rapidly rising electricity prices. Renewable energy creates independence from expensive and climate-damaging energy imports. Therefore, you will gain massively if you, as the operator, consume the electricity yourself.

Not only do we plan our own projects, we also establish solar farms on behalf of our clients. Based on our experience, we are capable of offering solutions for almost every request. JUWI is your trusted project developer and system integrator for grid-connected solar power plants. Landowners, communities, public utilities and investors can benefit from this great experience. Take the opportunity to use solar energy for an environmentally friendly, reliable and inexpensive electricity supply. 

Climate protection plus

For the benefit of nature

Where solar parks are built, nature also wins. Solar parks offer bees, butterflies, grasshoppers, lizards, breeding birds and many other animals a protected habitat in which populations can multiply well. Especially in intensively used agricultural regions, this is an important contribution to biodiversity. Neighboring orchards also benefit from this: the increased insect population ensures better fertilization of the fruit trees in the vicinity. With a cautious approach to green management associated with long mowing intervals, nature is given space to develop. During the approximately thirty-year utilization phase of a solar park, the soils are neither fertilised nor polluted with pesticides. This gives them the opportunity to fully recover. A most welcome side effect: the groundwater and nearby waters are also protected from excessive nitrate inputs.

Our services

How a solar park is constructed

If all parties involved work together, a solar power plant can be developed and realized within the timeframe of three years. Our promise: at JUWI you receive all services from a single source without being left out during project planning.

Every solar project begins with the search for a site

Every solar project begins with the search for a shade-free site. Our focus: utility-scale free-field power plants for grid integration. In collaboration with you, we search for the ideal solution in your region. JUWI carries out yield reports and drafts plant concepts. We take care of lease contracts, planning permissions and options for electricity feed into the grid.

With our planning your project becomes sound and sustainable

We define the number and type of modules as well as the assembly systems tailored to the conditions on-site. Furthermore, our experts optimize the profitability of the project by negotiating framework contracts with component manufacturers and favorable credit terms with banks. Our financing experts search for investors and the financing of our approved projects.

With the construction phase, the solar park becomes reality

As soon as we receive the planning permission and PPA acceptance, nothing else stands in the way of the plant construction: we undertake the construction management and coordinate all activities during the construction phase. Modules, assembly systems, power inverters and transformers (where applicable) are delivered, assembled and wired. Depending on the onsite conditions, road construction measures may become necessary. JUWI puts the plant into operation by connecting it to the power grid via an earth cable.

Furthermore, we take care of the operational management

After the plant is commissioned it is monitored from our control room around the clock. Our service technicians regularly carry out inspections and repairs as required. Due to the trouble-free operation we secure the profitability of the power plant over a period of 30 years.

Our strengths

You need the right partner for a large solar project: benefit from our extensive experience and the competence of our employees.

Extensive experience

We have been successfully developing and constructing solar power plants since 1996

Strong partnership

Our mother company, MVV Energie from Mannheim, is one of the largest German energy suppliers with a clear focus on the expansion of renewable energy

Complete package

From finding a suitable site and project planning to realization through to operations

Regional roots

A strong presence through our regional offices on all continents

Reliable project partner

We have regional cooperation partners in project development and cooperations with municipal energy suppliers


We cooperate with all key plant and component suppliers and select the ideal plant for every site in order to optimize revenues

Solutions for complex terrains

JUWI is the leading project developer for utility-scale solar power plants in challenging terrain

Successful in tenders

JUWI has won numerous tenders in many markets worldwide regarding power purchase agreements 

Facts and figures

> 2,000
free-standing and roof-mounted solar systems

developed by JUWI

approx. 3,750

total capacity

approx. 5.2 billion

annual output


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