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Hybrid power plants for industry & municipalities

Wind and solar energy in addition to a battery storage make your electricity supply clean, affordable and reliable.
Why hybrid power plants

With our hybrid solutions, you can save money and reduce your CO2-footprint

Globally, large industrial companies (in the mining sector, in the cement industry, etc.) often cover their energy needs via diesel, heavy oil or gas power plants. This exposes them to considerable fluctuations in electricity prices. The disadvantages are obvious: high fuel costs, a poor environmental balance and little planning certainty regarding the development of energy costs.

The advantages of hybrid power plants
  • Reduction in electricity costs

  • Low CO2 emissions

  • Stable and predictable electricity prices

A reliable power supply at reasonable prices

Self-sufficient energy systems remote from the public power grid

With our hybrid solutions, we offer you self-sufficient energy systems remote from the public power grid. JUWI is your expert for the construction of off-grid systems larger than one megawatt. Our customers come from a wide range of sectors, ranging from the mining sector to the cement or water desalination industry. Commercial and industrial clients belong to our customer base as do clients from a tourism or agricultural background.

Depending on your needs, we combine different energy systems such as photovoltaics, wind energy, battery or hybrid systems for diesel generators. Our experienced engineers plan customized systems that meet your exact needs. In addition, we work with local partners to strengthen the local economy.

Hybrid power solutions offer the potential to significantly reduce the use of fossil fuels in off-grid environments. At the same time, they reliably produce electricity at competitive prices. In such projects, solar or wind power plants are supplemented with storage units. These can then be intelligently integrated into existing island grids using the software "JUWI Hybrid IQ" which was developed by JUWI exactly for this purpose.

The topic of storing electricity from renewable sources is currently gaining momentum and will play an even more important role in the future.

Stephan Hansen
Managing Director JUWI GmbH

Facts and figures

20 projects

have been implemented by JUWI

170 MW
Wind & PV

are installed in these projects

55 MW
Battery power

complement the RE installations

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Dave Manning

Head of Hybrid Global
P +61 42257-4674
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