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juwi and Windwärts become JUWI – for even more good energy

With a new logo and fresh wind, the newly formed project development and operations management company is forging ahead with the energy transition under the umbrella of MVV Energie AG. Climate-neutral power generation from JUWI contributes directly to the “Mannheim model”.
July 07, 2022 | Company

For more than a quarter of a century, the juwi Group from Wörrstadt and Windwärts Energie GmbH from Hanover have been among the leading companies in the field of renewable energies. They combine technical know-how, local expertise and an international reach with comprehensive product development and operations experience. The two companies have now joined forces under the new name of JUWI. With a new brand presentation and new colors, the company will now forge ahead with the expansion of renewable energies in Germany, and, together with its subsidiaries, in selected markets in other countries. The new company will deploy increased competence and will continue to operate under the umbrella of MVV Energie AG from Mannheim.

The change in the company’s organizational form from juwi AG (a joint stock company) to JUWI GmbH (a private limited company) has now been completed with the entry in the Register of Companies of Mainz Local Court. The three former Executive Board members Carsten Bovenschen (Chairman of the Board and Finance), Christian Arnold (National Business Operations) and Stephan Hansen (International Business Operations) will head the new GmbH as Managing Directors. There will be no changes in the shareholding structure or in the company’s strategy. 

According to Carsten Bovenschen, Chairman of the Management Board of JUWI GmbH, “Energizing Sustainability” is not only the company’s new claim but also expresses its attitude, approach and potential. “100 percent renewable power generation from JUWI will contribute direct to the “Mannheim model” with which MVV intends to be climate-neutral by 2040 and to become one of the first climate-positive German energy companies after 2040,” Bovenschen adds. The brand identity of JUWI is reflected in the design principles of precise & technical, progressive & visionary, and positive & accessible. The energy cycle that dominates the corporate identity is a symbol of the infinite availability of renewable energies. Whether in motion or stationary, it forms the top edge of the logo.

“As a result of the EU Green Deal and the new climate neutrality targets set by politicians in Germany and many key international markets, the conditions for renewable energies have further improved over the past few months,” says Carsten Bovenschen. “JUWI is a company with outstanding prospects that will play a pioneering role in the upcoming energy transition.” More than 6,000 MW of wind and solar power capacity installed throughout the world underlines the company’s motivation, experience, and competence.

In the wind sector, JUWI has realized more than 1,200 wind turbines with a capacity of more than 2,800 megawatts at about 200 locations throughout the world. In the solar segment, about 1,850 photovoltaic facilities with a total capacity of about 3,250 megawatts have been installed. The JUWI operating team operates wind power and photovoltaic facilities with a total capacity of more than 4,100 megawatts.