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From the automotive industry to JUWI

Many roads not only lead to Rome, but also to JUWI. Four employees tell their personal stories. Sabina Petersen is one of them. The human resources manager turned her back on the automotive industry and joined JUWI.

My enthusiastic colleagues are like a magnet that pulls me along with them.

Even though the HR manager gave up her role as an executive when she joined JUWI and accepted a drop in her salary, she does not regret her decision. She enjoys working as part of a team. And she also observes in job interviews that salary is far from the only aspect to be considered. Priorities have shifted: Instead, people are asking about the work atmosphere, the company culture, flexible working hours and flexible working locations. "If we convey the "JUWI feeling" well to our applicants and the job really fits, then we have won them over," Sabina reports.

She also likes her new job because she is enthralled by the work culture at JUWI. "At my previous employers, I had so many ideas to help make people enjoy going to work," Sabina says. "At JUWI, I notice that these ideas are really put into practice. One example of this is the internal monthly videos, which show special moments that employees film using their mobile phones. It is not so much the success of individuals that is celebrated, but rather the joint success as a contribution to the energy transition.

As a human resources manager, it is important for her to be authentic rather than promotional in job interviews. She can now put this into practice. She was surprised how well the benefits JUWI advertises are really lived. "My expectations were definitely exceeded, for example with regard to the work-life balance," Sabina enthusiastically reports. Many employees and managers take advantage of part-time arrangements. "Almost anything is possible within the framework of the legal regulations. I haven't seen any model that doesn't work," she reports. She is also convinced by the uncomplicated implementation of remote working. "We have maximum flexibility and don't have to submit an application for every day of working from home." However, authenticity also means identifying the areas where work needs to be done. Sabina knew that she was joining a team in which many people had just returned from parental leave and that the team would have to adjust. She was, therefore, able to adjust to the situation.

Being given free space is still important to her. "For me, personal contact plays a major role. That's why I travel all over Germany to meet colleagues on site at the various subsidaries." To do this, she has all the freedom she needs. Sabina is able to fill her role with her personality. She has found her job with meaning.




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