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Wind energy is clean, cost-effective and regional. We want to make use of this potential with you.

juwi realises wind energy projects onshore – from the very first idea to the stage of grid connection. We lease land, plan the park, take care of legal matters, order the turbines and construct them. We also secure financing. As an experienced project developer, we realise wind farms economically and reliably. So far, juwi has established more than 1,000 wind plants worldwide.

Our strengths at a glance:

  • Extensive experience: We have been successfully developing and constructing wind farms since 1996
  • Strong partnership: Our mother company, MVV Energie from Mannheim, is one of the largest German energy suppliers with a clear focus on the expansion of renewable energy
  • Complete package: From finding a suitable site and project planning to realisation through to operations and repowering
  • Regional roots: A strong presence through our regional offices throughout Germany
  • Reliable project partner: We have regional cooperation partners in project development and cooperations with municipal energy suppliers
  • Fit for the energy market: juwi and MVV Energie have extensive expertise from the tender-phase through to feeding-in and direct marketing
  • Independence: We cooperate with all key plant and component suppliers and select the ideal plant for every site in order to optimise revenues
  • Solutions for complex terrains: juwi is the leading project developer for wind farms built on complex sites
  • Successful in tenders: juwi has won numerous tenders in Germany and many other markets

Project development with a focus on quality

Wind energy projects are complex. Apart from technical expertise, commercial and planning skills are required. At juwi we have a great pool of experts. Experienced and specialised professionals work in committed teams for the success of each individual project. We offer our services with 25 years of experience in the wind energy sector. 

We identify possible locations and set up lease agreements with landowners for our projects. Lease and usage contracts are the groundwork for each wind project – and the starting signal for a detailed project plan: We examine the distances to residential areas and traffic routes. We ask important questions like: Where exactly are the turbines located, which routes are suitable for transport, where can the electricity be fed into the grid?

The approval procedure demands good timing and accurate content. For instance, questions regarding nature and species protection as well as noise emission and shadowing are clarified by juwi in the approval procedure. We submit the proposal, accompany the procedure and incorporate official authority requirements and recommendations of experts. The planning permission is the key to success. Due to our extensive market observation and through our forecast and simulation models in the MVV group network, we are then able to take the next important step: The successful participation in the tendering procedure or similar support schemes, in order to receive an economically viable feed-in rate for the electricity produced from our wind energy projects. 

Our financing experts simultaneously search for investors and the financing of our approved projects. Regional energy suppliers, private investors from home markets and from abroad as well as energy cooperative associations, citizens and communities count to our numerous investors. 

After the financing phase, the realisation of the plant begins: Transportation routes are developed, the foundation is poured, the plant components are delivered, tower, nacelle and rotor blades are installed. The highlight of each wind development project is the commissioning of the wind turbine. 

In order to secure a long-term maximum revenue from the wind power plant, juwi takes on the technical and commercial operations of the plant as an experienced service provider. 



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