The process of replacing old turbines with less but more powerful ones is called Repowering. Consequently, energy production is increased and yields may even be trebled even though the number of plants is reduced. Compared with older turbines, the new plants operate at reduced revolutions per minute which gives them a more harmonious look. We are looking forward to share this technological progress with you.


Increasing Yields

The yield of wind farms has increased large-scale since the 1990s. In 1995, the annual yield of a 500-kilowatt turbine lay at about one million kilowatt-hours.Today a three megawatt wind turbine with a rotor diameter of approximately 100 meters achieves the six- to eightfold.



Repowering offers many advantages for operators and landowners of windenergy plants, but also for citizens.


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Advantages for operators and landowners
  • premature sale of old turbines may compensate remediation costs higher lease income due to larger plants compensation payment for operators, based on the revenue which could have been generated by further operation of the old plant (Renewable Energies Act/Germany)
General advantages
  • higher yields due to more powerful plants less expensive energy costs and improved grid integration more harmonious scenery due to reduced rpm increase of regional income

From site analysis, project development, to dismantling and sale of the old turbines up to construction and grid connection of the new windenergy plants - juwi is your expert Repowering partner.  With more than 100 realised projects, we have the know-how and the experience to set up a customized concept for you.