Green electricity – direct purchase through PPA

Would you as a company like to purchase inexpensive and clean energy? Then let´s talk about your power purchase agreement (PPA)!

More and more companies want to practise sustainable management: Use of clean resources, conservation of resources, avoiding waste and adapting to an energy supply from renewable energy. We have a solution tailored to your needs.

We offer worldwide utility-scale off-grid energy systems for remote energy consumers with high electricity demand. Depending on the demand, we combine different renewable energy sources - for example solar or wind power with battery storage systems - with conventional generators. Our international customers come from various sectors: Mining, the cement industry or water desalination. We have commercial and industrial customers as well as energy consumers from the tourist or agricultural sector.

Wind or solar electricity with a storage solution upon request directly from the producer to your company premises is becoming more and more popular in Germany. Together with our mother company MVV Energie AG we can make it possible. We take care of the search for suitable sites and the project development taking into account the ideal power plant. Of course, you can bring your own sites into cooperative projects or invest as a collaboration partner.

Make use of our expertise, in order to profit from the inexpensive production costs of solar or wind energy. Together we will draw up an attractive financial plan with a reliable power purchase agreement.


Amiram Roth-Deblon
Head of Global Business Initiatives

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