High Quality Project Development

juwi provides whole-scale services for the planning and construction of on-shore wind farms and PV-plants including acquisition, planning, financing and realisation of plants.

Wind- and solar energy projects are complex. Therefore, technical, commercial and legal know-how is needed. Our experts at juwi are working at realising these complex projects in all their facets. juwi belongs to the pioneers of renewable energies: We offer almost 25 years of experience, clever experts and reliable partners.

We secure lands through tenancy or purchase. We take care of permit processes and engage construction companies as well as plant manufacturers. Suppliers, craftsmen and technicians work hand in hand – for more than many months in many cases. And we are the ones to pull the strings. The result is a turnkey project for various operators: from cooperatives to regional energy suppliers.

A Reliable Partner

It is essential to inform and involve local residents at an early stage in order to create awareness and acceptance for the construction of a renewable energy plant. This is why we aim at a fair exchange with municipalities, landowners and citizens. 

juwi is above standard when it comes to quality and reliability of plant planning. Investments by bankers and institutions are safeguarded by detailed wind measurements increasing the accuracy of yield forecasts. To protect nature, we plan compensatory measurements for wind farms together with consultants and public authorities. This is particularly important for wind farms in complex terrains, for instance in woodlands. In this field, juwi is leading the market in Germany.

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