Always Up to Date

Our experienced team schedules, controls and performs inspection, maintenance and repair work - efficiently and professionally.

On-site inspections to record plant condition
Inspections and maintenance in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications and standards of technology
Maintenance and repair contract (preventive maintenance and repair work, including spare parts)
Inverter maintenance
Maintenance of components of medium-voltage systems
Repair of equipment and major components defects (e.g. gearbox exchange)
Troubleshooting service with 24/7 on call duty
Testing of safety-related equipment in accordance with the German Professional Association regulations (BGV)
Conducting recurrent or condition-based tests
Video endoscopy, gearbox and drive train surveying, tower measurement of motion
Thermo graphical analysis
Retrofits, upgrades, updates
Monitoring of plant commissioning and acceptance tests
Removal of vegetation and maintenance of access roads
Maintaining mitigation and compensation measures
Winter services


juwi Operations & Maintenance
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