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Following the sun

juwi-Bauleiter Norbert Borchert bringt die Solarenergie in viele Länder der Welt – und ist dabei Pionier und Aufklärer zugleich.

For many years, Germany was one of the largest solar markets. Now solar power is experiencing a boom around the world. Hardly anyone knows this as well as Norbert Borchert, who has built solar farms for juwi in Egypt, Thailand, India, the USA, England, Spain, South Africa, Rwanda and the Maldives. We asked him: how have you experienced the development of solar power over the past few years?

At first hand: more and more countries are discovering the opportunities offered by solar power both for cost reasons and in terms of climate protection. This is why I have travelled so much over the past years.

I have often worked in less privileged countries, especially around the equator, where solar radiation is strongest. When I come to a country, solar power is normally in the very early stage of development. People therefore know very little about power generation using the rays of the sun. We perform real pioneering work in these countries. Often, I even have to provide energy suppliers with some basic education on solar power.

Here, our work goes far beyond the construction of solar farms. We lay a foundation for a new, clean type of power generation. That is precisely what makes my work so interesting. I leave behind me far more than a completed solar farm. By talking to many people in these countries, I also contribute to a change in attitudes.

This can happen in many different ways. In 2007, we built the largest solar farm in the whole of Africa in Rwanda. The Energy Minister asked me to give a group of politicians a guided tour of the solar farm during its inauguration. In India, several large buses with more than 600 students visited us on site to obtain information on solar power. And in the Maldives, we explained the basic principles of solar power to local technicians every day, with theoretical and practical training. I welcome approaches like this. I enjoy passing on my knowledge about solar power to other people. Sometimes I even feel like a missionary for solar power.


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