JUWI Hybrid IQ – the intelligent control for off-grid energy systems

Approved microgrid controller from Siemens as a technical base for the JUWI Hybrid IQ microgrid solution.

A new technological partnership between Siemens and JUWI supports the mining industry regarding their energy supply: The objective is the collaborative introduction and further development of a modern control system for microgrids that enables a smooth integration of electricity from renewable energy into isolated power grids, for example a mine. 

The microgrid control platform, which is based on Siemens Sicam, is an approved and verified technology and provides a basis for the Hybrid IQ microgrid controller from JUWI. Apart from contributing industry-specific know-how to the development process, JUWI also provided an excellent success record regarding the planning and realisation of renewable energy projects for mines. 

The controller is able to adapt to varying material deposits and energy demands and, simultaneously, provides detailed reports as well as analyses for the operations team and management. Thereby this strategic partnership will be able to offer a unique and consistent solution for the mining industry. This will significantly simplify the utilisation of renewable energy for mines. Furthermore, this technical solution will help to provide an inexpensive and reliable electricity supply, especially for off-grid consumers. 

Microgrids can offer a high dependability and an improved supply reliability for energy intensive industries like the mining industry. At the same time, they are an attractive alternative when an off-grid energy supply is required. Renewable energy will not only make the operation of mines viable for the future but also decrease operating expenses even today. The core technology is the JUWI Hybrid IQ system. 

The collaboration with Siemens has already resulted in the successful realisation of a solar plant for the Goldmine Agnew Gold in Australia. Moreover, the partners have realised a hybrid plant for the largest and oldest Australian marine research station at the Great Barrier Reef. Heron Island now uses the JUWI hybrid IQ solution which combines solar power with a Redox-Flow battery instead of using diesel generators. Both projects are representative of the coming generation of hybrid systems which will enable mines to significantly improve their CO2 balance and decrease operating expenses.


Amiram Roth-Deblon
Head of Global Business Initiatives

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