Hybrid power plants for large-scale industrial companies

We can make your electricity supply clean, inexpensive and reliable with solar energy.

Large industrial companies around the globe often obtain their energy demands from diesel, crude oil or gas power plants and are subject to major fluctuations in the price of electricity. The disadvantages are obvious: High fuel costs, a bad environmental balance and low planning security regarding the development of energy costs. 

juwi hybrid IQ intelligently integrates solar, wind and storage technology into existing or new energy systems and, therefore, reduces costs and CO2 emissions. 


  • A reduction in electricity costs
  • Low CO2 emissions
  • Stabil and predictable electricity prices

Target groups:

  • Mining operators
  • The cement industry
  • Companies with processing or production plants

We offer you self-sufficient energy systems far from the public power grid with our hybrid solutions. juwi is an expert for the construction of off-grid plants with a capacity of over one megawatt. Our customers come from various sectors such as the mining sector, the cement or water desalination industry. We have commercial and industrial customers as well as energy consumers from the tourist or agricultural sector.

Depending on the demand, we combine different energy systems for example solar or wind power with battery or hybrid systems and diesel generators. Our experienced engineers customise each power plant to perfectly suit your specific needs. Furthermore, we work with local partners in order to strengthen the local economy. 

Hybrid power supply solutions offer the potential to significantly reduce the use of fossil fuels in areas far away from the power grid. At the same time hybrid solutions produce reliable electricity – to competitive prices. In such projects solar or wind power plants are complemented with storage units. These units can then be intelligently integrated into existing isolated networks by the juwi self-developed software “juwi Hybrid IQ”


Amiram Roth-Deblon
Head of Global Business Initiatives

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