Energy is here

Natural resources are almost endlessly available, the technologies are well-working and developmental processes are tested. Numerous projects give evidence. Working together with passion to implement renewable energy economically and reliably is what drives us.

Renewable energies are safe, sustainable and profitable and hence a win-win situation for citizens, companies and municipalities. They do not only protect our climate and environment, their decentral production and use also contribute to the local value creation. Employment is created, infrastructure enhanced, taxes and lease incomes are increased. In short, renewable energies provide you with the possibility to combine economic activity with a respectful treatment of man and nature.

We aim at achieving a 100 per cent renewable energies as quickly as possible. This is possible under the condition that all existing technologies are intelligently combined.

  • The natural cycles of wind energy (predominantly in the winter half year) and solar radiation (predominantly in the summer half year) complement each other excellently.
  • To supply the potential needs, bioenergy, hydropower and geothermal energy are able to fill the gap between wind and solar energy via flexibly controllable plants.
  • In future, the feed-in of stored renewable electricity will become increasingly feasible, for instance through hydropower plants (pumped hydro storage), bioenergy plants (gas storage) or electromobility (batteries).

Saving energy, increasing energy efficiency and renewable energies are the keys to a sustainable development in the energy sector.