Social Responsibility

juwi supports charities worldwide

We support associations, initiatives and organizations in Germany and abroad. Apart from the "traditional" commitment, we wish to provide material on renewable energies in order to diminish prejudices and to broaden our imagination. This is why, in 2010, the juwi founders Fred Jung and Matthias Willenbacher initiated the 100prozent erneuerbar foundation, which promotes a systematic energy supply with a 100 per cent renewable energies. Today, the foundation works independently from the juwi Group.

We have repeatedly supported projects in the area of foreign aid, for instance by supplying schools and hospitals with renewable energy in developing countries. Moreover, we regularly work together with partners such as the charity Feed-the-Hungry.

A further example for our commitment is our engagement as main sponsor of the media project Energy Autonomy. Its main output was the film "The 4th Revolution - Energy Autonomy", a jointly financed, independently produced movie made to inform the public about the necessity and feasibility of renewable energies.