Creating the energy turnaround – this is an extensive challenge to be met with the power and commitment of many.

In order to protect the climate and the environment, we not only build wind farms and solar parks. We also take care of our energy resources.

This becomes particularly obvious looking at our energy-efficient headquarters in Wörrstadt near Mainz. High-quality windows and walls provide for an efficient thermal insulation. Energy-efficient refrigeration and heat cycles help us save energy. Wood pellets and cogeneration via biogas provide us with a sustainable energy supply. On an area of roughly 13,000 square metres, clean solar energy is produced on facades, carports and rooftops.

We also set an example with our carpool: Our employees drive hybrid or e-cars which are fuelled with solar energy. Car-sharing and shuttles also contribute to our idea of sustainable transport.

Our business catering juwitality also works sustainably. Ingredients for their high-quality menus predominantly come from regional farmers and suppliers. This strengthens the local economy and reduces long transports and hence the emission of CO2.

Last but not least, we promote the reconciliation of family and working life: juwi therefore established its own kindergarten in 2009. Approximately 70 children attend the kindergarten while their parents are working next door to realise the energy turnaround. Our children and their children should grow up within a healthy environment. This is what we work for every day.