We want to be your competent, authentic, fair and reliable partner.

juwi complies with laws and regulations. We do not tolerate corruption. Moreover, we emphasize the strict observance of our company-specific and ethical rules.

In order to do this, juwi has established an effective compliance-management-system. It includes the transparent treatment of donations and contributions and has been communicated to all employees. juwi has also created control mechanisms in order to avoid any misuse. Furthermore, juwi conducted trainings covering rules and codes of conduct for employees from distribution.

Our Compliance Office ensures the observance of the rules. It advises and supports the board in terms of preventive measures to avoid and to elucidate infringements and corruption.

Office of Ombudsman

Furthermore, juwi has appointed an external lawyer as Ombudsman. Internal or external whistleblowers can confidentially contact the Ombudsman to disclose information about corruption, corporate crime, breach of secrecy, breach of data protection or other massive infringements, such as a violation of the General Act on Equal Treatment.

Further information and contact details of the Ombudsman