juwi stands for a fair handling of business transactions. We want to be your competent, authentic, fair and reliable partner.

juwi complies with laws and regulations. We do not tolerate corruption. Moreover, we emphasise the strict observance of our company-specific and ethical rules.

In order to do this, juwi has established an effective compliance-management-system. It includes the transparent treatment of donations and contributions and has been communicated to all employees. juwi has also created control mechanisms in order to avoid any misuse. Furthermore, juwi conducted trainings covering rules and codes of conduct for employees from distribution.

Our Compliance Office ensures the observance of the rules. It advises and supports the board in terms of preventive measures to avoid and to elucidate infringements and corruption.



Furthermore, juwi has appointed an external lawyer as a whistleblower-hotline. Internal or external whistleblowers can confidentially contact the whistleblower-hotlne to disclose information about corruption, corporate crime, breach of secrecy, breach of data protection or other massive infringements, such as a violation of the General Act on Equal Treatment.

Feigen - Graf as external whistleblower system for the juwi Group

Feigen Graf is a law firm specialising in criminal law, in particular in white-collar crime and criminal tax law. The firm guarantees a high level of competence and experience both in the area of individual defence and in the representation of companies. Feigen - Graf stands for competence in the entire field of white-collar criminal law and offers whistleblowers a confidential and reliable contact for compliance issues, such as corruption, betrayal of secrets as well as cartel or data protection violations.

You can contact Feigen - Graf both by telephone from Monday to Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. German time at +4969/770196-79 and by e-mail ( in German or English.

What happens once a tip is received?

First, the facts of the case are recorded as precisely as possible, be it in a personal or telephone conversation or in an e-mail exchange with the whistleblower. The information will only forward to juwi – and it will be exclusively passed to the corporate compliance office – with the express agreement of the whistleblower. The corporate compliance office then decides on further procedure, consulting if necessary with the Executive Board, management and/or Works Council.

For any whistleblower who is uncertain about what to do, there is no risk attached to getting in touch with the whistleblower-hotline. The lawyer behind the whistleblower-hotline is bound by the lawyer’s duty of professional secrecy and only forwards information to juwi if the employee has expressly given their consent for the lawyer behind the whistleblower-hotline to do so. And if an employee wishes to remain anonymous, that wish is also respected.

Data protection

According to the EU-Whistleblowing Directive (EU 2019/1937), information about violations of EU law, including consumer and data protection, should be protected. A procedure in accordance with Art. 9(1) of the Directive is ensured. This concerns, among other things, secure reporting channels, e.g. encrypted e-mail correspondence, in order to protect the confidentiality of information and the identity of the whistleblower, if the latter should be communicated at all. Furthermore, reports shall not be kept longer than is necessary and proportionate to meet the requirements imposed by this Directive or other requirements under Union or national law. The confidentiality requirement under Art. 16 of the Directive is respected, which is why the identity of the whistleblower is not disclosed without his or her express consent. A documentation of the reports is made in accordance with Art. 18 of the Directive. When a call is made, the whistleblower is informed of this.

Human Rights Policy of the juwi group

The commitment to human rights and the right of personality are deeply rooted in the company culture of juwi. Get more information on how juwi incorporates these rights in daily business here.