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JUWI in Australia

Find out more on the fascinating hybrid projects built in Australia.

Energizing sustainability

JUWI is active in Australia since the beginning of 2014. The main focus was initially placed on hybrid projects consisting of renewable energies, storage units as well as necessary control components. JUWI later also offered project development and EPC services as well as innovative products and solutions to support its customers here.

JUWI constructed three remarkable hybrid projects: The mining project "deGrussa Sandfire" (10.6 MW photovoltaics and battery storage), the solar storage and power plant for the University of Queensland on the Heron Islands with a capacity of four megawatts and the JUWI Hybrid IQ controller for the Goldmine Agnew. In 2020 JUWI was part of the construction of solar park Greenough River (37 megawatts) as an EPC service provider.



In 2016, the largest JUWI project in Australia to date also resulted in the largest solar hybrid power plant in the world: Our Australian JUWI subsidiary built and commissioned the power plant for the mining company Sandfire Resources NL.

Solar hybrid power plant DeGrussa

The largest solar hybrid power plant in the world of its time.

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Solar hybrid power plant Northern Goldfields

The Northern Goldfields solar hybrid power project in Australia includes a 27.4 MW solar farm at Mt Keith as well as another 10.7 MW solar farm and a 10.1 MW battery at Leinster. It is integrated into TransAlta’s Northern Goldfields remote power grid.
Northern Goldfields
Project execution
PV sites
38 MW
Solar capacity
10 MW
Battery capacity
~54,000 tons CO2
avoided per year
A project in the middle of the Western Australian outback

Climate-friendly energy for one of the fifth largest nickel mines in the world

In the middle of the Western Australian outback, work on the Northern Goldfields project continues to progress. JUWI is building a hybrid power plant for TransAlta which is supplying the mining company BHP Nickel with climate-friendly electricity in order to opperate the Nickel West mine, one of the fifth largest nickel mines in the world. The power plant designed by JUWI consists of two solar parks including a battery storage unit. The special feature: The two solar parks are 90 kilometers apart: One near the village of Leinster, the other subproject near Mount Keith.

This solar hybrid power project was TransAlta’s first renewable energy project in Australia. As an EPC service provider JUWI designed the plant, purchased the components and services and constructed the power plant including the infrastructure. The project now replaces power which was formely supplied by diesel and gas, saving approximately 54,000 tons of CO2 per year.

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