APAC region

The APAC region includes the countries of Asia as well as the states around the West Pacific, for example Australia. juwi offers project development, EPC services as well as the commercial and technical operations management of renewable energy plants in various countries. Should you be interested in any of these services, we would ask you to please contact the relevant contact persons in the respective subsidiaries or the APAC headquarters in Singapore.


juwi has been active in Australia for over five years. The main focus was initially placed on hybrid projects consisting of renewable energies, storage units as well as the necessary control components. To date, juwi has constructed three remarkable hybrid projects: The mining project "deGrussa Sandfire" (10.6 MW photovoltaics and battery storage), the solar storage plant for the University of Queensland on the Heron Islands as well as the solar power plant with a capacity of four megawatts and the juwi Hybrid IQ controller for the Goldmine Agnew. In 2020 juwi was part of the construction of solar park Greenough River (37 megawatts) as an EPC service provider. 

Further information (in English) available at www.juwi.com.au 


juwi formed a joint venture with the Japanese project developing company Shizen Energy in 2013 to become juwi Shizen Energy (jSE). The company soon became a sought after expert for the construction of large greenfield solar parks with challenging landscape topography, for example on former golf courses. In total jSE has realised projects with an approximate capacity of 200 megawatts within the scope of EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) projects within the last eight years. The project pipeline is well filled: juwi Shizen Energy is currently working on multiple construction sites in order to develop about 300 megawatts of solar capacity in various projects in Japan.

Further information (in English) available at www.juwi-shizenenergy.com


juwi India Renewable Energies Pvt. Ltd., is headquartered in Bangalore. Since 2010, juwi India has commissioned approx. 350 MW of PV power projects. The biggest project is a 135 MW solar farm located in Karnataka. Today juwi is primarily active as an O&M service provider in India. 

Further information (in English) available at www.juwi.in 

APAC Headquarter in Singapore

All juwi activities in the APAC region are coordinated from the juwi subsidiary in Singapore. The coordination especially takes place for solar and wind projects in the countries that juwi only has small teams in, until now. These countries include Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam. juwi has also been active in Malaysia and Taiwan. Since 2012 juwi has realised 23 projects with a total of 325 MW in these countries. This includes three projects with a total of 130 MW which juwi constructed as EPC service provider within a short period of time in the year 2018/2019 in very challenging terrain. 

juwi plans solar and wind energy projects worldwide. Please contact our local offices for more information.