Wind Energy in Forests - Power Production In Accordance With Nature

Wind energy is a central element of the renewable energy mix. Turbines achieve high yields on a relatively small space – emission-free and at a low price. From a technical as well as an economical viewpoint, the plants are best positioned at high and windy altitudes, for example in forests. Together with you, the juwi group wants to make use of these high potentials in order to ensure a secure energy supply in the future.

Wind Energy in Forests
Basement Construction
Positioning of Tower-Parts
Raising the Nacelle
Rotor Blades
Promising Views

Specialists for Turbines in Forests

The juwi group has already realised 200 turbines at 40 different locations in municipial or state-owned forests. These turbines have a performance of more than 408 Megawatts, thus generating enough power for more than 250,000 three-person households.

Selected referenes of plants in forests realised by the juwi group

Selected referenes of plants in forests realised by the juwi group

Wind energy's effects on climate-protection are enormous: About 870,000 tons of damaging CO2 as well as other toxics and heavy metals from fossil fuels are avoided through producing clean energy with wind turbines. juwi plans further wind projects, also in private forests.

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