juwi offers you professional technical and commercial management over the entire lifecycle of a turbine ensuring solid returns and high dependability. 

Technical Operations

juwi Management LLC is ensuring optimal technical operations of your installation in close cooperation with commercial management. We provide constant remote monitoring of every turbine, collecting all data. That way we can analyze and resolve defects or damages. Short reaction times and comprehensive expertise guarantee high technical disposability and productivity of your project.

Our services for operational management include constant inspections, remote monitoring and control as well as documentation of all external work. In cooperation with the manufacturer all turbines are regularly maintained. We have developed a network of persons in charge who can carry out smaller jobs on-site. We take care of your project over its entire life-cycle, you can lean back.


juwi can also handle all your accounting, as required. That includes account management, such as taxation, insurance management, maintenance and reporting to investors. We will negotiate all required agreements and conclude all liability, machinery breakdown or business interruption insurance for you. In the real event, we will take care of all details as damages or faults are rectified. Commercial and technical management work together to provide best service and excellent returns.


Rotoranlieferung eines Windrades
Gondel eines Windrades wird gezogen


Commercial Services

juwi handles all your accounting for your wind, solar or biogas plant, as required. This includes account management regarding tax right, insurances, maintenance services and reporting to investors. We negotiate all necessary contracts with assurances, including liability, machinery breakdown or business interruption insurance. In the real event, we will also take care of all details – finding solutions to minimize downtime. Business and technical operation management work hand in hand for the best service and good yield.

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