Wind Energy: Driving Force in the Mix of Renewable Energies

The power of wind is without limits. With modern technology we can use wind energy efficiently and economically for power production.

Wind turbines of the latest generation produce approximately 20 million kilowatt-hours per year, enough for the annual requirements of a town with approximately 7,000 households.


Our project management team integrates different interests in such a way that all parties involved will profit from wind energy. We ensure that in the end of each project there is a high-quality turbine in optimal locations, which supplies clean energy to private households, municipalities and businesses.

Good Reasons

Landowners benefit from revenues from lease agreements, local authorities benefit from increasing business tax returns. Investors are provided with a lucrative and low risk investment because wind is a free resource, available regardless of economic instability or change. The positive image generated by a clean, eco-friendly power generation is an additional free bonus.

Cost Effectiveness

Our experts guarantee an outstanding price/performance ratio of your project by long-term cooperation and contracts with equipment manufacturers and service suppliers. Searching for an optimum location and constant optimization of the overall project your turbines will produce energy as economically and efficiently as possible. In many countries a feed-in tariff guarantees yields over the entire running time. 


We have constructed about 750 wind turbines. In one of the windiest locations of the world, in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, we have built a wind farm with 55 turbines and a capacity of 49.5 megawatts. In France, Italy, Poland, South Africa, the USA, Great Britain, India and Chile we are just as active as in many regions of Germany, for example on the Schneebergerhof in Rhineland-Palatinate. Here, juwi replaced older turbines with one of the most modern and largest wind energy turbines of the world.

juwi's Strengths

With years of experience in planning wind farms in Germany and abroad we have gained a wide range of competencies across all service areas. We can offer good price conditions thanks to long-term cooperations and agreements with system manufacturers and component suppliers as well as trusted business relationships with banks and investors. That is evident in high customer satisfaction.

Position within RE-Mix

Compared to solar and bio energy, wind energy provides the greatest yield while using a minimum of land. That makes wind energy so attractive within the mix of renewable energies. Wind energy is highly developed and is the driving force in the mix of renewable energies – due to efficient costs of energy production.

Wind Energy in Forests

Power Production in Accordance with Nature

Wind energy is a central element of the renewable energy mix. Turbines achieve high yields on a relatively small space – emission-free and at a low price.

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Power Production in Accordance with Nature

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Used wind energy turbines for sale

We offer turbines in different dimensions and from various manufacturers.


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Used wind energy turbines for sale

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Breathtaking technical development of wind turbines – today just one turbine supplies approximately 7,000 households.

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