Take Advantage of the Sun’s Potential

There is simply no better alternative for an environmentally friendly power supply in the future than to take the path leading to a solar energy era.

Every day, the sun provides the earth with more than one thousand times the energy required by people around the world. Generating solar power requires two things: flawless management and sophisticated technology. juwi offers you both; and at the end of each project, the most suitable system is installed in the best possible location. juwi plans and builds photovoltaic systems of different sizes and types. We install turnkey systems with high-quality components, support you with all questions regarding financing and, upon request, service and monitor your systems for you.

Good Reasons

Roof owners and landowners earn revenue from leases, local authorities earn revenue from business tax. Investors are provided with a lucrative and low risk investment because the sun provides a free raw material regardless of economic instability or change. Furthermore, many countries have fixed feed-in tariffs that guarantee secure returns for the entire lifetime of a plant or system.

Cost Effectiveness

Solar power is cheaper than ever before. Photovoltaic systems with a nominal capacity
of around 137,000 MW were installed all over the world. In Germany, one reason for the boom in this sector is the Renewable Energy Law (EEG), which guarantees fixed fees for solar energy supplied. Technological advancement helps the sector to move forward. New products, such as thin-film modules, are taking the market by storm.


Efficiency continues to increase while prices drop. New application opportunities make solar energy an all-around winner.


We already have projected over 1,500 photovoltaic systems worldwide with a total yield
of approx. 1,400 MW. We are not only projecting large free-field and roof top plants in Europe and the US, but also develop solar plants in Africa, Asia and Latin America. With offices in Germany, France, Italy, the Czech Republic, Spain, India, Great Britain, Poland, Greece, India, Great Britain and the USA we are active worldwide.

juwi’s Strengths

juwi has years of experience in planning photovoltaic projects of different sizes and offers  a wide range of competencies across all service sectors, with all services from a single source and sophisticated systems for engineering, procurement and construction (EPC).

Thanks to long-term cooperations and agreements with module manufacturers and component suppliers we can offer excellent price conditions. We have trusted business relationships with banks and investors. As a result our customers are highly satisfied with our technical and business management.

Position within RE-Mix

In comparison with wind power, the proportion of solar power in the mix of renewable energies is still remarkably low. However, solar power makes an important contribution in providing for power needs that have, up until now, been covered by gas or coal power plants. In a few years, power generated on rooftops is going to be cheaper than power from the supply grid.

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