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Off-Grid Solutions

We plan, develop and construct Off-Grid plants bigger than 1 Megawatt.

With our Off-Grid solutions we provide our clients with self-sufficient energy systems far from the public grid. We are expert in large-scale Off-Grid plants bigger than 1 megawatt. Among our clients are companies from the mining, cement and desalination sector, commercial and industrial customers as well as clients with a touristic or agricultural background.

We realise large-scale plants for clients from sectors, such as
  • mining
  • cement
  • desalination
  • commerce & industry
  • tourism
  • agriculture

Depending on the requirements, we combine various energy systems such as photovoltaic, batteries or hybrid systems for diesel generators. Our skilled engineers design plants to fit your needs. Moreover, they work together with local business partners in order to strengthen the local economy.


Off-Grid Solutions

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