Energy mix
Location (country):
One of the world's largest wind turbines
Aerial photo Schneebergerhof energy park
Installation of the Enercon E-126
Solar carport at the Schneebergerhof energy park

juwi's succes story started in 1996 in the small town of Schneebergerhof, a location with excellent wind conditions. juwi CEO Matthias Willenbacher and other pioneers planned and realized the installation of a 500 kW Enercon E-40 turbine. Over the years, four more turbines followed, in July 2003 a 2 MW Vestas V80. All turbines together had an annual yield of 6.4 MW – more than enough to cover the needs of 4,000 households. In 2003 juwi realized one of the first repowering projects by replacing two first-generation turbines with then modern E-66.  In 2010, another level was reached by replacing such an E-66 by a  six MW turbine: an E-126 by German manufacturer Enercon. With this repowering process, the total annual yield at Schneebergerhof was increased to 13.4 MW


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