Energy Is Here

We already have the technology to create safe, ecologically friendly and economic energy supply systems that do not depend on importing raw materials.

The juwi group wants to contribute to a power supply based on 100 percent renewables in many areas: with the most modern wind turbines and photovoltaic plants, with sustainable bio energy projects and innovative technologies that increase efficiency.


The foundation "100% Renewables" was brought to life as a step towards achieving this goal in close cooperation with political committees and management, businesses and associations as well as citizens. The campaign provides information on how people can live more energy-efficiently, save energy and reduce their carbon footprint. In addition, we advise municipalities how to reach the 100 percent target with the help of an intelligent energy mix and provide information on how whole regions or even countries can reach that objective.

Now It Is Time to Start!

juwi will help you get going. We have bundled up all necessary competencies for successful projects under one roof. We offer planning, construction, financing and management one-stop. We offer expert assessment and experiences as well as references that prove our success. At juwi we do not work against anyone, but together with everyone involved – until the system is running; economically and reliably.


Renewable energies and authentic action – that is juwi.

Further Information

Company History

Everything started with a wind turbine in 1996.

Further Information