Major Players in Climate Protection

Districts, cities and municipalities play a central role for climate protection.

In the future energy is going to be produced in smaller, decentralized generating stations, no longer in large-scale power stations that pollute the environment. Use solar, wind and bio energy in your region – climate friendly and cost efficiently. Contact us if you want to switch to renewables – as municipality, business, utility or private household. We will develop a suitable green energy strategy for you that is climate friendly, secure and stable in price, providing all information one-stop.

juwi Is Your Partner – from A to Z

Step 1: Consulting

Project development is juwi’s core competence. From consulting to securing locations, realization and operation management, we offer everything to implement a successful project. With years of experience we can help you to integrate numerous interests and manage organizational issues.

Step 2: Planning

If you have made a decision, we start with detailed planning: for example securing surfaces and locations by drafting purchasing or leasing agreements. In addition, we handle application and inspection procedures as well as any concerns regarding environmental protection. We network with citizens, local groups and businesses.

Step 3: Development

We take into account all aspects relevant for a smooth implementation. Are cooperations with local utilities an option? Which local businesses can participate? Are there any experts we could integrate, architects, structural designers, technicians? We will answer all these questions.

Step 4: Financing

juwi has an extensive network of banks and investors and integrates their services into projects.

Step 5: Implementation

Preparing the infrastructure or setting up the system establishing a wind farm or solar park requires perfect logistics. Contractors, crafts men and technicians work hand in hand, usually over several months. juwi coordinates and controls their work with years of experience, allowing for a fast and cost-efficient realization of projects.

Step 6: Management

We remain your reliable partner, monitoring and optimizing the operation and efficiency of the plants over a period of more than 20 years.

100 Percent Renewables – a Succes Story

Clean energy, income from investments and taxation, a green image that will attract tourists: there are numerous advantages in switching to renawables. We can design a suitable strategy for you any time.

Profit from Regional Value Creation

Using wind, sun and bio energy you contribute to climate protection. Citizens can profit from a power supply with renewables already today.

Security of Supply

Realizing wind, solar or bio projects in your region generates income for your region. You become independent from energy imports, the stability of energy prices is in your hands.


Clean energy projects attract new business for regional firms, new jobs are created in the region.

Income from Taxes and Lease

Producing clean energy you generate tax income that is not dependant on trade cycles. If plants are established on municipal areas you receive additional income from leases.

Green Image

Numerous projects show that wind, solar and bio projects can turn into a hub for visitors. Best example is the "Energy Landscape" in Morbach, in rural Rhineland-Palatinate. On a former military ammunition storage depot we have installed 14 wind turbines, several solar power plants, a biogas and a wood pellet production. More than 35,000 people from all over the world have visited Morbach.



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