Providing Independence

Clean, renewable energies from local sources can become the basis of energy independence for your business. Access to renewable energies will give you a competitive edge with regards to security of supply at steady prices. In using renewables you demonstrate that sustainability and environmental responsibility are firmly embodied in your business.

Wind, solar and bio energies offer a wide variety for powering your company. You can buy electricity from a green supplier or use your roofs and car park to produce solar energy or even develop a concept of a complete power supply from renewable sources. The more you move into renewables, the larger your benefit will be, both economically and in promoting your green image. Many customers demand products that are manufactured without energies that damage our environment and health. We can help you switch to renewables. Contact us and we will develop a suitable green energy strategy for your business.

Model 1: Full Supply Concept

We can jointly develop a 100 percent renewable supply concept for your locations that will be implemented step by step and realize them jointly in a period of three to ten years. For example we can turn your business into a zero-emission-production.

Model 2: Energy Supply Directly from juwi

Wind turbines produce high volumes of electricity at low costs. Your business can take advantage of this by switching to juwi power and buying low cost electricity from our wind
turbines. Some of the electricity produced in the wind farm is not sold to the grid, but directly to your company at a very attractive price. We have realized such a concept with the municipality Wörrstadt in 2010.

Model 3: Wind Energy Directly from Your Site

Prices for energy seem to know only one direction: they are rising. To counter this upward movement, a direct supply “behind the metre” may be a very attractive alternative – also for your business. You can produce the bigger part of your annual energy needs in an on-site wind farm. The rest – usually quite smaller – wil be conventionally purchased from other (green) suppliers. This covers fluctuations that are part of wind energy production.

juwi Is Your Partner– from A to Z

Step 1: Consulting

With years of experience in successfully projecting approximately 750 wind farms and more than 1,500 PV plants juwi is planning your project, from A to Z.  

Step 2: Planning

We compile a needs assessment, search for suitable locations, and plan size and dimension of plants.

Step 3: Development

In order to develop a feasible project, we integrate numerous different parties and interests. Local residents, unions, organisations and regional businesses all have legitimate concerns that must be observed. In addition, we look for partners in the areas of purchasing, operation and finance and look to incorporate local and regional companies. In addition, juwi clarifies all technical details regarding grid connection and grid management.

Step 4: Financing

For each project, juwi develops a specially tailored financing concept, selects banks and underwriters, establishes credits and, if necessary, helps to integrate power providers as additional financing bodies. The search for investors and the development of a stable business model for operation for the project are all part of the practical and precise juwi financial strategy.

Step 5: Implementation

We lead all steps in the construction phase, controlling and coordinating suppliers, technicians and crafts men from construction to implementation.

Step 6: Management

We continue to be your reliable contact partner. With our commercial and technical services we increase your plant’s life-span and yield.



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