Energy Supply from 100 Percent Renewable

A good mix of wind, solar and bio energy provides for a 100 persent clean energy supply.

Decentralized plants can be connected in a virtual network which controls the energy mix providing a power supply that meets demands. Contact us if you want to switch to renewables, as a municipality, business, utility or private households. We will develop a suitable green energy strategy for you that is climate-friendly, secure and stable in price, providing you with all the information you need.


By mixing different energy sources you can switch to renewables gradually. The 100% vision is the main focus of our mission statement. In addition to our activities in the areas of wind, solar and bio energy, we are developing new business segments. juwi Research & Development GmbH & Co. KG is planning a first hydropower project on the Main; initial examinations are taking place in the Upper Rhine region in order to find possible drill sites for geothermal energy production. Another goal is to connect clean energy production and transport/ mobility. At juwi’s headquarters we are testing charging stations for e-cars.


Depending on your location, we will develop a multi-level energy concept to be implemented within a period of three to ten years. The "Energy Landscape" in Morbach, in rural Rhineland-Palatinate (Germany) is our showcase for an energy transformation process that has been awarded several times. On a former ammunition storage depot juwi has installed 14 wind turbines, several solar power plants, a biogas and wood pellet production and a wood chip heating plant, making Morbach an energy self-sufficient region. We can transfer this 100 percent approach to your municipality, business, utility or household as well.


Power from renewable sources is indefinite and available at almost every location. Every day, the sun provides more than one thousand times the energy required world wide. In Germany, only 10 percent of residentail and traffic areas are enough to provide 20 percent of the country's energy requirements. With wind energy we can cover 200-times the world's power requirements. Based on a detailed analysis, we establish your energy mix.


We help municipalities, businesses and utilities become independent. With a decentralized energy mix, they are no longer dependant on limited supplies, monopolies and environmentally-damaging power production. Municipalities can create income in an area where formerly they had to pay,  and thanks to cooperations with local service providers investments remain in the region. At the same time, the municipalities green image is promoted; green projects can be a tourist attraction. More than 35,000 people from approximately 92 countries have visited Morbach and its Energy Landscape, while we have welcomed approximately 30,000 visitors at our headquarters in Wörrstadt.

Mix for Municipalities

Districts, cities and municipalities play a central role in climate protection – they are the main players.

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Mix for Businesses

Give yourself a competitive edge – count on price stability and security of supply.




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Mix for Utilities

Renewable energies give independence. A partnership with the juwi group offers an attractive perspective to regional utilities.


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