Bio Energy Is a Multitalent

Bio energy is the multitalent of the renewable energy sources. It is diverse and flexible and can be used in gaseous, liquid and solid form. This flexibility puts biomass in high demand in the energy sector.

In Germany, juwi already brings together raw material suppliers and heat consumers and turns them into successful project partners. In the future, we also want to realize bio energy projects in Europe and abroad. For further information on bio energy, please browse through the following pages.



Good Reasons

As a CO2-neutral energy carrier, bio energy presents the perfect solution for many areas when it comes to producing heat and power while making an important contribution to protecting our environment. It is crucial for this type of renewable energy generation that raw material suppliers, system operators and heat consumers cooperate optimally. juwi brings them all together. What’s more, juwi also brings excellent market knowledge, technical expertise and consistent, professional project management to the table. And with the constant goal of generating profit for all partners involved in the construction of a bio power plant.

Cost Effectiveness

Bio energy allows for a clean and climate-friendly heat and energy supply. It can be a lucrative sideline, especially for farmers and forest managers. They contribute to a sustainable recycling economy and make a lasting contribution to reginonal value creation and a decentralized energy supply.


Next to solar and wind power, bio energy is the third main pillar for juwi. Our goal is to establish bio energy as a significant component of the renewable energy mix. You can see examples of our broad range in the energy landscape in Morbach, where a bio energy plant is located next to a wood chip heating plant and wood pellet production. 

juwi's Strengths

juwi has years of experience in planning and constructing biogas and biomass projects in different sizes. We offer a wide range of competencies across all service sectors.

All services come from a single source, from feasibility analyses through project development and construction to technical and business management. Profit from tried and tested business processes and good price conditions thanks to our long-term partnerships and agreements with competent companies.

Position RE-Mix

Bio energies have excellent storage properties. When using mixed renewable energies, bio power is an important supplement to solar and wind power, both of which are subject to natural fluctuations. Bio energy has a wide range of applications and can be used for heat and energy production as well as in the transportation sector.

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Power and heat: bio mass supplies various kinds of energy.


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CO2-neutral energy and heat produced in biogas plants developed by juwi.


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